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The AI Office has experienced a 68% increase in the number of cases reported in AY19-20 compared with AY18-19. The AI Office staff worked diligently and are now caught up on case initiation timelines. 

There is still a backlog in the AI Review queue for students contesting the integrity violation allegation. However, over 30 of our AIRB members have volunteered to serve this summer to help us reduce that queue as much as possible. We are also revamping the scheduling for AI Reviews in order to hold more Reviews per quarter than historically possible. The AI Office thanks instructors and students for their patience during these difficult and exceptional circumstances.

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If you cannot find answers to your questions about process on this website, you are welcome to visit us in our Virtual Front Desk - enter our Virtual Desk, you must be signed into your UCSD Zoom account to enable you as an "authenticated" user. We are requiring this in order to prevent "zoom bombers" from undermining our respectful and trustworthy virtual environment. If you cannot log in with your official UCSD Zoom account for some reason, you may make an advising appointment.

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